Sentinel Intelligence Services - LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D.
Intelligence gathering and analysis helps make a successful outcome – in protective services, corporate security, personal security, and even in general business practices.
Action versus Reaction is influenced by how aggressively threats are identified and assessed.  Business Continuity is likewise influenced by proper assessment for potential disruptions.  Even highly trained professionals who have been schooled in attack recognition and how to respond under pressure from an assault are challenged when an attack is launched.  Developing crucial components prior to such an assault are critical to a positive outcome.  Surveillance, investigation and countersurveillance with analytical functions, databasing, site assessment, behavioral analysis all help in securing a positive outcome.
There is still a common perception that workplace violence and school shootings, are random shootings just occur by someone who “just snapped.”  The Exceptional Case Study Project by the U.S. Secret Service demonstrated: “Planned, targeted attacks are not confined to those involving prominent public officials and celebrities.  Tragically, such attacks are a frequent feature of interpersonal violence in this country today.  Cases involving stalking, domestic violence, workplace violence, and bias-motivated criminal activity involve planned – often violent – attacks on intentionally selected targets.”
Knowing about a threat…knowing how to respond to a threat might make all the difference between successfully repelling an attack or succumbing to an attack; whether from terrorism or domestic violence or criminal activity, or even becoming a victim in a catastrophic event “down the street.”  If you are a leader of a business or corporation or the leader of a family, knowing what could jeopardize the safety, well-being and continuity of your business or family could determine if you will still enjoy your business or family after the threat announces itself.
Vigilance and proactive tools of Protective Intelligence and planning lead to a safer environment for work and recreation. 
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