Sentinel Intelligence Services - LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D.
1.     Investigations -  A team approach to investigations has been most rewarding to us professionally, and has proven to be a powerful force for the client.  Three investigators with years of law enforcement experience are available.  Some of the investigations in which we have been retained              
  • Background and/or pre-employment screening
  • Sexual assault, sexual molestation and pornography
  • Financial fraud, financial embezzlement, hidden funds
  • Custodial interference and related domestic cases; family law cases
  • Threat of physical harm and/or intimidation secondary to Threat Assessment or Protective Detail
  • Eco-terrorism against a utility
  • Threats of violence and business disruption associated with Labor Negotiations
2.     Surveillance - Stationary to moving, from one to multiple agents, we have conducted successful details and gathered sufficient intelligence and related information to assist in legal actions,  and corporate decision-making.
3.     Protective Details – Full range of services have been provided, as well as being able to field up to five agents within a day’s notice.  Support for traveling protection details coming into the state.
  • Corporate executives, hospital CEO’s, Internationally known individuals of high visibility, pastors of Mega-churches, individuals facing a challenging dissolution – corporate or family
  • 24-hour details including uniformed security specially trained for protective details
  • Protective Intelligence; Countersurveillance; Countermeasures; Threat Assessment;  Electronic sweeping capable
  • Business risk and threat assessments; physical protection of property while maintaining protective presence; home security assessment
  • Travel security
4.     Training and Education – Multiple courses to choose from for security trained to inexperienced individuals.  This dimension is one of the most rewarding for my associates and me.  Training classes will be mentioned in the Training Section.
5.     Electronic surveillance and alarm – Assessing the need and assisting with the selection of equipment.  We do not sell hardware, but one of my associates owned an alarm company for 25-years and serves on several national boards related to electronic security.
6.     Briefing papers and Intelligence Reports – Many are still trapped by conventional thought with hopes and wishes that may truly never be seen again.  Likewise there is a tendency in our planning to confuse the unfamiliar with the improbable.  Intelligence reports written for the individual, as well as the executive.
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